Cup of Inspiration "Faith and Fear"
Faith and Fear Cannot Cohabitate
Pamela Johnson
So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.
                                                                Matthew 6:34
There’s always something to worry about it—will I get laid off from my job? Will the loan get approved? What if the children get sick! I don’t have stockings for church! What is this lump under my arm? We often lend lip service to God being able to take care of us and handle all of life’s issues and obstacles. But as the old adage says, “It’s easier said than done.” 
All of us have an area of our lives that we have not completely given to God. For some of us, it’s our money. “Lord, I can’t tithe this week because my car needs front brakes.” “Lord, I owe everybody, I can’t possibly put $5.00 towards the robes for the Youth choir.” For some of us, it’s our relationships. “Lord, I know he’s not saved, but he’s a nice person.” Whatever it is--essentially, we are telling the Lord that He does not know our every need and He is incapable of taking care of us. Is this a normal human reaction? Of course, we have all faced seemingly impossible situations in which we have said, “God, not even you can get me out of this one!”
No matter the outcome of a given situation, we have to fully trust the one who is present everywhere at the same time (omnipresent), who has unlimited authority and power (omnipotent), and who has infinite knowledge, awareness, and understanding (omniscience). When we truly believe this in our hearts about God and we are not just simply singing along with the choir or reciting well-known Bible verses, then it becomes apparently ridiculous that we do not completely trust God with every aspect of our lives from our health, to finances, to relationships, to opportunities, to decisions, both large and small.
When things in our lives have gone haywire, the enemy will lead us to believe that God does not care about us and He has forgotten about us--this is especially true when our own actions {sin/disobedience} have gotten us in a given predicament. There are situations that will arise that we have to go through to learn about ourselves and to build our faith in God. If God never paid a bill for you when your bank account was in the negative, if the Lord never stood you up from a hospital bed when the doctors had closed your chart, if He never transformed your high-risk pregnancy into a beautiful healthy newborn, if He never turned your seemingly destroyed marriage into a strong relationship--then how would we know the magnitude of His power and all that He could do? How could we give Him all the glory? Simply put, we would not and could not. 
So, if you are going through a storm right now—repeat these four phrases to yourself, write them down, put it on your computer screen or your refrigerator as a constant reminder:
·      God loves me unconditionally.
o   There is nothing you or anyone else can do that will separate you from the Love of God.
·      God is in control.  
o   He knows all things. The resolution of every situation will be in your best interest.
·      God has a reason for allowing this in my life.
o   If you trust God through your storm and do what He tells you to do no matter the cost, you will emerge victorious.
·      God is walking through this difficult time with me.
o   As dark and painful as things can get—God has not left your side. Often times we cannot see him and that is because He is so close to us that our carnal vision cannot discern His presence, but He is there.
So, as hard as it is going to be—and it will not happen overnight—give every aspect of your life to God and let him work out all the details. You may not like how He works things out, but it will ultimately be for your good and in line with His purpose for your life.   Go to God and ask Him to help you to trust Him with everything. 
That failing marriage—give it to God.
That wayward child—give it to God.
That financial situation that does not seem to get better—give it to God.
That promotion that you keep getting passed over for—give it to God. That empty womb that won’t bear children—give it to God.
That mate you desire, but cannot find—give it to God.
That medical test that comes back positive—give it to God.
Everything—give it to God!   Then give God the Glory!