Cup of Inspiration "Never!"
Cup of Inspiration? Never!
Pamela A. Johnson
            This cup is long overdue. As the New Year approached and the fast-paced days of the holidays slowly came to an end, I had it set in my mind that I wanted to work on a Cup regarding the New Year and making resolutions versus not making resolutions, blah blah blah. But as the Friday Cup delivery date closed in on me, I’d written one sentence! It wasn’t that I did not have the time to prepare the piece; it was because each time I attempted to write it the words just would not come. I thought, ‘How hard can this be, just piggy-back on some of the words of wisdom you’ve heard from preachers during previous Watch Night services.’ To no avail, my creativity was blocked. The sad part is, I have some other Cups already prepared and ready to go, but my mind was set on sending one that related to the time—the New Year. Meanwhile, the Cup is going undelivered, minds are not being challenged, spirits are not being fed and inspired, and the Body is not being edified.  
            This morning, the proverbial light bulb began to shine. I’d been tricked, bamboozled, led astray. I’ve been under attack by the Enemy; he had me convinced that I shouldn’t send out anymore Cups until after I sent out the New Year’s one—you know, the one I couldn’t write. Brilliance! Sheer brilliance! Yes, Satan is a liar and a deceiver, but let us not be fooled –he is very smart and he knows us and our weaknesses and that is the angle he will use to deter us from the spiritual front lines. See, I’m a very detailed person and I like order and making lists and sticking to my decisions. . . . The thought of the New Year’s Cup not being the first one to go out in 2004 made me uneasy; sending the New Year’s piece in February would have been way too late and out of order! Right? Maybe. Maybe not. But here it is almost the King Holiday and I’ve not sent a Cup since 2003—now, that’s not right. God has charged me with this task and has given me the talents and resources to carry it out, but I stepped off the path He ordered for me, because I wanted things to go in order. Who’s order? Mine.
            So, as I stood in the bathroom mirror flossing I thought about some of the truly heart-felt notes I’ve received from some of you concerning one of the Cups and how it helped you through a tough situation or helped you make a difficult decision or made an issue you were struggling with become more clear and easier to navigate. I also thought about how I let Satan stop me from letting God use me to help build His kingdom and equip His children for the battle. At that time I made the decision to send one of the previously written Cups with an apology for my tardiness, but look how God works—he turned my planned one-line apology into a full Cup and testimony!
            Don’t miss this point—Satan tried and succeeded (for a while) at deterring me and for that I am excited. Why? Because if Satan messed with me that means I’m doing something right—something anti-Satan. His attack is just another confirmation that I’m doing what thus says the Lord. If I was not on the right path and doing work for God, Satan wouldn’t waste his time bothering me because I would not be a threat to his plans.
            So as the New Year is well on its way some of us have made resolutions, anything from losing weight to stopping smoking to drinking more water to spending more time with our families. Only time will time if these resolutions will be resolved or dissolved. My challenge to each of you is to reflect on the one thing or things that God has told you to do, either in 2003 or anytime—start a business, leave your job, go to school, write a book, start an auxiliary at church, change your career to a more rewarding, less paying one, relocate, become a minister, or even witness the good news of Jesus Christ to a co-worker.   Now, think of all the reasons why you have not done so, and you have to be honest. Many of you will name a money reason, others will state they don’t have the talent or skills to do what they’ve been told, time constraints, no familial support, afraid of what others will say—the list of reasons are so vast I don’t have enough paper to cover each of them.  Some of these reasons we list are legitimate—going to school does require money, writing a book does require time. However, if God has given you an assignment you can rest assured that He will provide everything necessary for completion.   So, turn to Satan and tell him you are no longer afraid of failure, embarrassment, being ignored, financial ruin, or rejection—you are about the business of your Lord and Savior no matter what the cost. Philippians 4:13 tells each of us, “For I can do everything with the help of Christ who gives me the strength I need.” (NLT)   EVERYTHING--not everything that doesn’t cost any money, not everything that will not take up any of my time, not everything that I am already good at doing —EVERYTHING means EVERYTHING and that’s all EVERYTHING means. 
In 2004, my sisters, I want you to trust God and go forth and do great things for the Lord, because we are here to bring others into the fold. There’s a young lady out there in desperate need of the teen Bible study class you’ve been meaning to start for two years, there’s a lost soul contemplating suicide who needs to know there is hope for a better tomorrow and that your Jesus can provide what they need, there’s a group of people who need to read your book on planning Christian-based events or your Christian fiction novel. 
Let’s not keep them waiting anymore. Say it with me: 
We will be about the Lord in 2004.