Please keep the Chance, Orr and Ferguson Families in yoyr prayers. Support the families and be encouraging. Please keep Rev. Ryan Johnsons mother in your prayers 


Pastor's Remarks

Thank you for the Anniversary Celebration. The devil is always busy seeking to destroy and devour; if you let him go he will do just that. The Depression Series will resume in August. Let's not forget about the gifts God bestowed upon us, if you would like to share your gifts see me. 

Sister Pam's Remarks

Sister Pam is so proud of the Real Talk Fellowship Group and wants you to share in her joy with continuing to  encourage the young people and their awesome skills. This group meets during Sunday School. Any questions see Sister Pam.

Friends & Family Day

Friends & Family schelude for July 29th place TBA fellowship following immediately after service. 

Young Ladies Ministry

The Fellowship Dinner Will be July 29th. Any questions see Sis. Claudette. Please respond to the emails that are sent out.   

Sight & Sound

Sight & Sound Event "Jesus" will be August 4th, the cost is $79.00.   Any questions see Sis. Bonnie or Bro. Charles

Kitchen Committee

July 29th is Friends & Family day for more information see Sis. Monica. The kitchen committee would like everyone to clean up after themselves. Please do not leave food in the refrigerator. Any questions see Sister Monica.

Bereavement Committee

Let's keep the Chance, Orr and Ferguson, families in our prayers.  Please continue to keep those who are in mourning in prayer and visit with them. They would love to hear from you or see you. Anyone interested in being on the Bereavement Committee should see Sister Karen. 


For the month of July rehearsal will be the 2nd and 3rd Saturdays. The 4th Sunday we will be making ice cream sundaes. See Sis Audrey if interested.

Life Path Ministry

 Any questions or concerns see Sis. Salia. If you need her new number, see her.

Marriage Ministry

Would like to express what happens in the Ministry stays in the Ministry.Marriage Ministry meets the Saturday before the 4th Sunday of each month. Any questions see Pastor Johnson. It will be meeting this Saturday at 6p.m.

Annual Church Clean Up

Women's Ministry

The 2018 Women's Retreat is open to men this year. The Retreat is Sept. 7, 2018 at Camp Heron. We will leave here Friday and return Sunday. The cost is $195.00. This is not a couples retreat; the men and women will have separate sleeping quarters and some separate meetings. Any questions see Sis Ronsha.

Dance Ministry

Any questions see Sis Yolanda or Sis Audrey.

Men's Fellowship

MMMBC Angels

 Choir rehearsal is the 2nd and the 4th Saturdays of each month. If you can not make it to rehearsal please contact Sis. Audrey and let her know.

Usher Committee

If you are intereted in becoming an Usher please see anyone of the following: Sis.Bonnie, Bro. Gary or Bro. Butch.


TThe Tweens will meet the fourth Saturday in February. Any questions see Sis. Audrey.  

Reverend Nathaniel Librry

Update on the Reverend Nathanel Library . The room will be completely redone and enlarged. Electronics have been donated. New tiles will be laid and a TV has been purchased. Any questions please see Sis. Mary


Wellspan at 6:00p.m. for Zumba on Tuesday and Thursday at  Jabez Ministries. Jabez Ministries is located at 40 Jefferson Avenue, York,Pa.


Music Ministry

 Anyone interested in joining the Music Ministry or Choir see Sister Karen or Brother Rodger. Practice is from 7:00-8:30 on Friday evening.

Bible Study

Bible Study is Wednesday nights at 6 p.m. Looking forward to seeing you there. We are currently studying from a book titled "Finding Peace" by Charles Stanley.

Prayer Box

Please Saints, the Prayer Box is open for our prayer requests. Deposit your requests but please do not look at anyone else's request. You do not have to sign the requests.

Recording Ministry

Services are recorded and for sale. Help someone out or keep for yourself. Cd's are $5.00 and Video's are $10.00. There is akso a link to view Services on Facebook.

The 13 Reasons Why Series

The series is based on a book and is on Netflix. Sis Pam suggests that if you are going to let your teen/pre-teen watch the series, you should watch with them. This is in case your teen/pre-teen may have any questions, you are there to answer them. Our teens/pre-teens are are future and we don't want them confused. Sis Pam didn't say that, I did (Sis Barbara).

Academic Help

"Academic Help" is the first and third Sundays of each month. If interested see Sister Pam. It will be for a hour after the church service.