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We hope that you are blessed by the time you spend on our site. Our church is warm and loving, and it is our desire that you would feel that love and warmth the moment you step through the doors.

Ultimately, we want you to feel comfortable and at liberty to call on us for your spiritual needs. Feel free to browse through the various areas of our website to learn about our fellowship.

We've noticed that many Marylanders have begun to make the trek to York, PA to find more affordable housing. If you are considering relocating to this area, please take the time to visit the house that God has blessed us with. We would love to have you be our guest for Sunday School and Morning Worship. You need not worry about how much money to bring or how many offerings we will collect. We believe that the church finances should be taken care of by our members and not our guests.

When you enter the sanctuary you will find two tithing boxes. Our members place their tithes and offerings in those boxes before entering into the worship experience. Because of this, we don't have to walk around to collect offerings. We find it to be a more fulfilling worship service because we don't have to take time out of the service to collect money.

Please understand that we are not trying to stop you from giving. If God lays it on your heart to give, as many of our guests have done, then please place your gift of love in one of the tithing boxes at any time. You will certainly be blessed, for God loves a cheerful giver. We never want to become an obstacle to God's blessings for your life. God, who is the giver of all things, owns everything we have and we strive to be His careful stewards. We just want you to know that neither you or any of our members should ever feel pressured to give.

When you visit our church, you will find:

  • A caring congregation that will gladly welcome you
  • Preaching/teaching that is centered on the Word of God
  • A church growing to build relationships that will last for an eternity
  • A church centered in strengthening the family, both immediate and extended
  • A atmosphere that is not centered around money but in worship
  • A place where laity can take part in the worship experience by delivering God's Word

We look forward to worshipping with you. Please stop by the pulpit before you leave, so that I might greet you with brotherly love.


God Bless and May Heaven Smile upon You,
Pastor Ryan Johnson


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  July 2024  
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  • Sunday School
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    – 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
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